A Word From Our CEO

I was a walking cliché: a “top-producer,” a president’s club member, and the recipient of accolades, plaques and awards. I always tried to do the right thing.  But the awards I received were based on nothing more than the amount of revenue generated for the firm – without one iota of regard to the quality of work my team had done for the people that ultimately make it all possible – the clients.

I was working too many hours, had too many clients and was focused on getting more, with no concept of how much was enough. I made a good living, but I didn’t have a great quality of life.
Call it epiphany, insight or a kick in the tail; not only did I feel I had to change, but finally had the motivation to actually make that change. Finally, I had clarity.

I threw away every sales script, gave away my library of sales books and tossed away a mountain of binders with sales approaches and tactics. When you’re inspiring, advising and helping people and their families, why would you need to be armed with anything other than the truth?

Can you imagine what could happen and the impact it could have if every person you knew made every decision with integrity and in alignment with who he or she really are and who they were created to be?

As part of that commitment, we divested a significant part of our business in early 2008. So with less than half my original amount of clients, we successfully worked through the worst economic downturn in a generation…and actually grew! That tells me: if we continue to deliver on our promise and help improve our clients’ quality of life by providing a proprietary, turn-key, comprehensive system to take care of every financial detail; if we allow them to focus on doing what only they can do; the impact on our community, state and world is so amazing that people want to share it with their friends, family and colleagues!

Thank you for listening,
Gregory Luken