Just as you can’t be all things to all people, our firm can’t do this for everyone

In fact, we worked it out and discovered that we can only effectively help about 125 or fewer families at this level and depth on an ongoing basis. According to research from Spectrem Group, there are 7,800,000 people in the United States with a net worth of greater than $1,000,000 excluding their homes. We can’t possibly serve 7,800,000 families, but we are committed to finding the right fit and helping another 41 families!

If we continue to deliver on our promise to improve our clients’ quality of life by providing a proprietary, turn-key, comprehensive system to take care of every financial detail; if we allow them to focus on doing what only they can do to fulfill their true purpose in life; the impact on our community, state and world is so amazing that people want to share it with their friends, family and colleagues!